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 Introducing the ranking system!

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Yukio Okumura

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PostSubject: Introducing the ranking system!   Fri Aug 12, 2011 11:11 pm

Just like in Blue Exorcist, you will be able to rise up the rankings, just like an Exorcist! Once you pass the rank of "Esquire" you will be given a special title of your choice. You will be able to choose from Knight, Dragoon, Tamer, Aria, and Doctor. You can choose to be more than one, but to have more than 2 titles, you need to have a higher amount of points. When you reach a certain amount of points, just post on the thread called "Rankings" And say that you've reached that point. in doing so, you will have your name listed along with everyone else on the forum. That way you can see who has the highest rank, or even the rank of Paladin! (*Note, you can either have a certain amount of points, or a certain amount of posts to reach a new rank)
-modifying the rank system-

Page- 0-100 points.
Esquire- 101-250 points. or 75-175 posts
Exorcist- (1-2 classes) Knight, Dragoon, Tamer, Aria, Doctor = 251 - 500 points. or 176-250 posts

Lower second class- 501 - 600 points
Lower first class - 601 - 700 points
Middle second class - 701 - 800 points
Middle first class - 801 - 900 points
Upper second class - 901 - 1100 points
Upper first class - 1101 - 1700 points
Chancellor - 1701 - 3700 points
Arc Knight - 3701 - 5000 points
Paladin - 5001+
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Introducing the ranking system!
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