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 Chapter 29-32

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Yukio Okumura

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PostSubject: Chapter 29-32   Fri Feb 03, 2012 3:23 am

Alright, I apologize for not being as active as i should, or promised to, but here is a summary on the chapters that just came to pass.

In chapter 29, Yukio's internal conflict comes into light thanks to Toudou's prodding. Rin and Suguro make their way to try and prevent the explosion of the impure kings spores, and Suguro puts up a fire attributed barrier to aid in their efforts. (yay!) Yukio then reveals that he truly hates himself for being so weak, but i believe that he does agree that Rin played a part in it.

In chapter 30, Rin is still experiencing difficulties with drawing his sword, and Shima and Koneko get into an argument. We dive a little more into Shima's difficulties and conflicts in this chapter, but we only get a glimpse at the moment. Not to mention that Kamiki summons a bunch of cute little fox spirits to help out Suguro's father. but in this, Kamiki gets enveloped with the spores, then Shiemi gets a power boost! she's able to summon Nii again, which also proves her resolve to help everyone the best she can. (seeing as how it grew to be bigger than Shiemi! @_@ ) The spores FINALLY explode, and Its shown that Yukio does indeed have a bit of satan in him. This was shocking, yet it was bound to happen eventually.

In 31, the heart of the impure king is exposed, and everyone within range is affected by the miasma, Suguro feels the effects immediately. A battle between the flames ensues! Toudou vs Juuzou, But of course, this being Toudou, he wins. because the weak get absorbed by the small. Toudou gets an insane power boost thanks to their magic, he thinks they're stupid for doing that, but because of the magic overload, he melts, and we THINK he's done for. The chapter ends with Suguro asking for help from Karura.

32 is when Rin and Suguro finally make amends, and Yukio's corruption through Toudou's words continues. Yukio looks awesome, but by the end of it, he is thoroughly conflicted. Suguro faints shortly after Rin draws his sword, and obliterates the impure king with his newly accessible power. Shura arrives on scene not too long after that. And after Suguro faints, the barrier falls as well. The group is now worried that the miasma might reach the town, but they have a bit of time because of the rain. The chapter ends with Ucchusma bonding to his sword, and the fire spirit saying that he's going to teach Rin how to use his flames.(YES!)

Anyway, thats my summaries on it. let the discussion ensue!
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Chapter 29-32
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